Why I want a travel blog


Hello world! Above is a photo WordPress gave me for my first post. And for this, I would like to share five reasons why I wanted a travel blog and why I finally decided to start this.

1. I finally had the time, and of course motivation! Lack of time was just an excuse all this time. I was just too lazy. Hehe.

2.  I want to tell people that it’s okay to be a cheapskate when you’re on the road, that you can go far even with your tight budget. Other bloggers’ sense of cheapness is a little expensive for me. Some bloggers don’t advise you to haggle because they see it as unfair for the locals. Others let you haggle, but to me, they didn’t haggle enough. For me, haggling is not bad. I just want a fair price for a fair service. And a fair price means it’s the same for both tourists and locals. In the end, fair prices will benefit the locals (if that is what others want) because if they are friendly and fair, more people would come back to them. I’m not traveling just to spend my hard-earned money. I travel in order to gain something back from it, whatever that is.

3. I want people to know that traveling is not always as beautiful as it looks like. Not so very good experiences don’t always come out on travel blogs, hence I would also like to share my own bad examples so people can learn from them.

A good example of a bad example: the last photo I took with my waterproof smartphone. c. 2015.

4. I want a travel blog too because some blogs are quite deceiving, and I’d like to do something about it. I went on my first ever solo trip recently, and I read blogs for pieces of advice on where a lone woman should go on a long weekend. There were legit solo travelers but they were male. There’s this solo traveler who joined a package tour, and that’s not really what I want. And then there’s this woman who is supposed to be a solo backpacker, but she was not alone and it was a sponsored tour. I get that these bloggers probably started as solo backpackers and all, but when they stopped doing it, they should remove the “solo travel” and “solo backpacking” label on their posts. It’s too confusing and a total waste of time when it’s not really what you’re looking for. I don’t exactly know yet what I can do, but I will do my best to be as accurate as possible for others’ reference. 

5. I heard that there is money in blogging so I want a travel blog too that can give me some money. Although, it may still be a long, long way for me, and I’m not even sure if I would be able to maintain this blog, I hope I could get a taste of that extra cash too. Haha.

I hope this post didn’t turn into a rant. I tend to do that so please give my first post a break. 😉


Author: Maderu

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