Blogging paranoia and other related concerns


It is my first time to publicize a blog, and for the last few weeks it has been a little difficult for me. I like to pretend that I am a very private person (as much as possible, I’d like to be unsearchable on Facebook and stop getting message requests, why can people you don’t even know message you anyway?), and so I have been on a quest these past few years to erase as much traces of me as I can on Google. Moving from that kind of privacy to publicizing my thoughts and experiences for all the world to see and judge is kind of unnerving. 

In this post, I would like to share some of my concerns hoping that I would get advice on how to deal with them, and also for others to know that these are also important issues that need to be addressed when creating a blog.

1. Privacy = Security 

Lately, I don’t feel very safe on Facebook. If you try to block someone, it’s very easy for them to simply create a new account to bother you. Also, their support team is unreachable. I spent at least an hour to no avail trying to find a way to contact them. I guess technical issues are more important for them than the security of their users (boo!). 

I think the only solution for Facebook to be safer is to have the choice to go off the grid and be unsearchable to people you have zero mutual friends with. I think Facebook has that option years ago but they removed it, did they finally become a dating site?! Option 2 is for Facebook to learn from PokemonGo. Block suspicious IP addresses ladies and gentlemen! 

Anywaaaay! That is my Facebook issue. My blogging concern is that I’m still very new to this so I’m not yet very sure on how things will work. But I suppose, as long as I’m not giving too much personal information, things will be fine. The things I share in this blog are heavily edited for public consumption. There are things that I can only share with friends and things I don’t want the world ever to know. I hope that no one would ever disregard my privacy and try to dig them out and use them to track me down to the last fiber of my being (I’m not a very interesting person! Please stalk Ella O’Connor instead. Thank you very much!). And with that said, I don’t know how much should I post and when should I stop writing. Is it even okay to post my awesome selfies? 😋

Nope. Don’t say it. Don’t even think about it, you creep.

2. Other people’s privacy

Is it okay to post photos of my friends? Sometimes, it’s just that hard to ask for permission. Lol. And what if they can track me down because of that one friend who didn’t really think twice about privacy?!

Here’s a not-so subtle jeer to Facebook! 😈

3. For blog or for Shutterstock 

I’m also a rich-person-wanna-be and whenever I can, I have been submitting photos to Shutterstock. I’m torn whether to submit it or post it on this blog. Maybe I’ll just post them here since no one is buying my photos anyway. But they said I have to increase my portfolio to get more buyers (this is not an ad). 😉

4. Blog posts

This blog was really made on a whim. Although I’ve thought about it before, I didn’t think long and hard enough. I don’t travel that very often so why?! Blame it on my whimsical and impulsive self. Now I have to think about what to write every few weeks on top of my other hasty plans, nonsensical life goals, and what to eat for dinner. I have started this so might as well do it til the end. If I run out of ideas, please expect more of this sorry excuse for a blog post (whew).

5. Copyright 

The internet is a very scary place. Aside from creepy old men hiding their foul and putrid stench, I’ve also been reading about people stealing others’ content and even their bandwidth (see hotlinking). This blog is a free WordPress-hosted site. Just like in the real world, if you don’t give money, you don’t get the best of services. If I don’t give money, I can’t protect my content as much as the other blogger who pays monthly or yearly. Well, since I have no money the only thing I can do now is to try (because I have trust issues) to believe in the innate goodness of mankind, then put a copyright notice (which will be ignored anyway) and use watermark (which will be cropped out anyway).

Copyleft notice: It’s okay! You can actually use my content if you want, just don’t put it in suspicious websites and don’t dare sell it. Credits are well-appreciated too. Also don’t hotlink please. You’re only allowed to outsource my content not my bandwidth. 


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