Money matters: To travel or not to travel


These are some things I have seen on social media this past month, which with all due respect I’d like to comment on for my own peace of mind. If you do not agree with me, feel free to comment but please don’t hate. If reading rants can ruin your mood, you may stop reading at this point.


1. Book a flight and start moving on

Not everyone can afford a plane ticket! Not all heartbroken people have the luxury of money nor even time (because they have to frekkin earn some cash instead). Some heartbroken people are not as lucky as you. Don’t make them feel worse by telling them they cannot move forward unless they travel. Not everyone is a traveler, period.

It is obviously an ad, but it is irritating because travel has been reduced to a mere commodity for heartbroken people. Traveling and posting your gorgeous photos on Instagram is not moving on but escaping your unpleasant reality. If you really want to move forward, stay and properly face your problems. Maybe stop stress-eating and start exercising, go out with your friends, talk to your family, go to work or school, and whatnot. Money is never required.

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2. Don’t travel if you don’t have money

Filipinos are actually permitted to go to 61 different countries just by holding a valid Philippine passport. 61 countries are already a big deal. If you spend 14 days in each country, it would take you more than two years of straight backpacking to cross them off your list. But 14 days per country wouldn’t be enough to explore and discover would it? Some of these countries actually allow Filipinos to stay for 30 or 90 days and even as high as 193 days in the case of Peru.

Just because you are not brave enough to leave your full-time job and venture on a life of travel, don’t discourage others from doing the same. Who says you can’t travel when you don’t have money? You can earn actual money when you go traveling. Isn’t that why you’ve put up a travel blog? So you can find sponsors that might fund your travels too? The people you were criticizing in your photo are simply doing the same thing but through a different medium – through their art or it could be buy and sell. We do not know because did you even bother to talk to them? From the look of it, those people were NOT begging. They were selling! They may be photographers or artists selling their art but you’re insulting their lifestyle (FYI, the great artists like van Gogh sold art in the streets too).

Yes, I do agree that the Philippine passport is a lot weaker compared to Western passports. We cannot go to developed countries without presenting our financial accounts. Yes, do complain about the injustice of it all! I’m a freaking professional with a 4-year degree and this guy was just a carpet cleaner but he can go to Japan just because he’s British! But that is also not a valid reason to go on telling people not to travel when they have no money. Traveling is for everyone who wants to! We have these budget trips and tips for a reason. Traveling is not only going overseas nor Europe. They’re not all the countries of the world. Some travelers may prefer going to less popular but equally lovely destinations such as Bali or Fiji. Some are even satisfied just traveling the Philippines or just getting out of Metro Manila.

Yes, money makes the world go round, but if you have enough courage, you can earn your living whilst on the road too. That’s why there are these people who call themselves digital nomads. If it’s not for you, it doesn’t mean it’s not for everyone too. Come back to this blog after 2-3 months and I’ll tell you how money is the least of your concerns. Lol.


3. On singling out bloggers 

This last one is in no way related to travel, but could answer why I wrote this post. Here is one famous blogger who asked why she is being singled out. Well, that is pretty obvious. Because she has millions and millions of followers. I’d presume more than those of the senator and the vice president. In this digital age where information can spread like wildfire in a matter of minutes, some key individuals (usually those who have so many followers) have been dubbed as “influencers,” because obviously, they are the opinion leaders who can influence public opinion. This is a free country or a free online world(?), but if you’re one of those who can easily reach out to people, please be a little mindful of your own opinions. Thank you very much.


Author: Maderu

I hope to do what my heart wants.

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