I want a travel blog too! is founded by a privileged full-time-travel-blogger-wanna-be who has been alienated from her labor and thus, wanted to take a break from her unpleasant reality.

Sadly, the author is not as frequent a traveler as you think she is and/or as she wants to be. She was just lucky to have joined an organization that travels a lot when she was in college. So she was able to travel for free then. She can now travel on her own limited resources but a promo fare is almost always a prerequisite. Aside from traveling, the author also escapes her reality by binge-watching anime, Asian films, Korean variety shows, and freediving videos. She is constantly on the look out for ways to fund her future travels. On her free time, which is almost nil, she writes this blog. Someday, she’d like to freedive and/or scuba dive in all of the seven seas, while earning money as a road manager for a band she loves.