A journey underwater (Part 2): Freediving in Sipadan

Sipadan Island or Pulau Sipadan in Sabah is the only oceanic island in Malaysia. It means that the island was originally part of the ocean floor but due to some geologic phenomenon, it has risen to the surface.  Sipadan Island has been consistently included in lists of top dive destinations in the world along with Galapagos Islands.

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A journey underwater (Part 1): Introducing freediving


It all started with a Cebu Pacific seat sale I accidentally came across due to an unhealthy sleeping habit. I was looking for new destinations that seemed unfamiliar but still within my visa-free limit. I was booking for two but my supposed travel buddy challenged me to go solo for a change (this happened way before the incidental Apo Reef). So I did. I cancelled on the one-way ticket to Brunei and re-booked a one-way solo flight to Kota Kinabalu instead.

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Davao hacks no one told you about

Like everything in my life at the moment, this is a long over due post. I’ve always wanted to write something about Mindanao to negate people’s preconceived ideas about the place, but I’ve only been to four provinces and people might say that would not be enough to support my claims. But here is the thing: people in Mindanao, especially those relying on the tourism industry are suffering because of our negative preconceptions.

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Money matters: To travel or not to travel


These are some things I have seen on social media this past month, which with all due respect I’d like to comment on for my own peace of mind. If you do not agree with me, feel free to comment but please don’t hate. If reading rants can ruin your mood, you may stop reading at this point. Continue reading “Money matters: To travel or not to travel”

Blogging paranoia and other related concerns


It is my first time to publicize a blog. And for the last few weeks it has been a little difficult. I like to pretend that I am a very private person. (As much as possible, I’d like to be unsearchable on Facebook and stop getting message requests. Why can people you don’t even know message you anyway?) So I have been on a quest in these past few years to erase as much traces of me as I can on Google. Moving from that kind of “privacy” to publicizing my thoughts and experiences for all the world to see and judge is kind of unnerving.

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Apo Reef: A DIY guide to a spontaneous solo trip!

Disclaimer: This blog post was originally written for my own self-justification and self-satisfaction. Before I went on this trip, I didn’t have plans to start a blog. So excuse me if I lack convenient information and/or photos.   Continue reading “Apo Reef: A DIY guide to a spontaneous solo trip!”